Best Front Camera Phone 

In this list of best selfie with the best front camera phone , we are suggesting the best mid-range phones in the Price range of Rs . 10,000 30,000. (up to USD $500). The Smartphones-helped us to have a very good, of the highest quality front camera with right decision and curved glass to change light, some of the apparatuses take credit of 13 MP or even a 20 MP front camera for sharp sounding good selfies. These are the best pictures for having the same on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest These hard to have belief in selfie phones 1 are a must to Ante 3 your selfie-ready, without fear.


1. Sony Xperia XA1 Dual (8 MP Sony Front Cam)

Sony Xperia XA1 dual is the latest things from Sony given out in April 2017 and is an excellent, of highest quality one best front camera phone of like parts to small sharp sound selfies as well other shots from the back part camera. The Sony XA1 dual has a well 8 MP Sony Exmor camera curved glass to change light which is able of sharp sounding perfect camera pictures.

best front camera phone
Sony xperia xa1

The Front camera has a 23-degree wide angle curved glass to change the light for sharp sounding group selfies with taking in. The phone is priced at Rs 1. 19,999 and is ready (to be used) from Amazon. The Sony Xperia XA1 has a 23 megapixel back part curved glass to change light which can take details readily. The Front camera also comes with a Superior vehicle chief place the curved glass to replace light sensor which helps to take clear images. The XA1 dual other than being good at sharp sounding selfies also has a quite good back part 23 MP Camera which comes with 5x by numbers, electronic go up quickly, HDR mode, hybrid auto-focus for picture-taking. The auto-focus system is much quicker made a comparison to a Sony c3 or c4 in the Sony XA 1. The get up on back legs camera curved glass to change light has 24 mm 3 wide angle and offers f/2.0 hole for taking great lets off shoots.

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2. Vivo V5s

The phone features a few design change at the back with the best front camera phone putting in place of the long thin wire structure bands. A (thing) taken in of a new unpolished Black color thing for which selection is made. The key highlight for V5s is a 20 MP front-facing selfie camera with 5p curved glass to change the light and f/2.0 hole. This sensor is a wide angle curved glass to change light focusing 2 mainly on letting the user to the sea full of broken ice in as much as people and back knowledge possible. The moon-light sudden bright light point helps the users to push key better images in the low light general condition. Vivo has also added a group selfie form via software three bring to the current state for better group selfies.

best front camera phone
Vivi v5

The V5s comes with making beautiful 6.0 phone operation to re-touch your selfies The back part 13 MP sensor one is able of putting one’s hands on the good forcefull range in low light. Also, its ability to make come into existence a good enough color copy of for outdoor images. It has a 5.5 inch HD viewing with 2.5d glass on top. There is also a fingerprint sensor 1 up-front, got mixed together within the home button.

Best Front Camera Phone

3.  Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (16 MP Selfie Camera)

Samsung launched the c9 pro best front camera phone in the month of October 2016 in China and recently has pushed into the water the computer-helped phone in India and some other complete markets. Apart from having a great 16 great bit of picture selfie camera, it is the first Samsung phone to come with 6 GB male sheep.

best front camera phone
Samsung Galaxy c9 Pro

It is priced at Rs 4. 36,999 or $ 530. The C 5 9 pro comes with metal uni-body. It looks beautiful, polished, feels reward and is quite thin measuring just 6.9 mm 6. thinner than an iPhone 6s. The Samsung c9 pro comes with a 16 MP, f/1.9 opening front selfie camera and there is also a 16 great bit of picture take care of the camera. The front selfie camera is the best you can get on any of the Samsung things not fixed out there. The lower opening also helps in brighter selfie pictures. The get up on back legs sensor 1 is able of getting detailed images using the PDAF which helps in quicker chief place. The c9 pro makes a noise about a 6 inch Full HD higher degree AMOLED viewing. It also features the old and wise finger-print sensor one got mixed together into the physical starting point button.

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4.  Vivo V5 Plus (20 MP + 8 MP ) Dual Front Selfie Camera

best front camera phone
Vivi v5 plus pro

Vivo best front camera phone has recently one of the best front camera phone for the selfie persons having high interest. If you need to have a great DSLR like a selfie with position something not seen clearly the Vivo v5 Plus is the right choice v5 Plus comes with a 20 MP Sony IMX376, f/2.0 camera sensor 1 in company with an 8 MP camera sensor 1 at the front. The back part has got a more old and wise 16 MP f/2.0 camera.It comes with a 5.5-inch FHD (1920*1080) error covered with 2.5 D 2 curved glass and Corning Gorilla 5.0. The v5 Plus runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset and 4 GB of male sheep. Supported by 64 GB of place for storing with no expand-ability option.

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5. HTC Desire 826

best front camera phone
HTC Desire 826

HTC Desire 826 is another best front camera phone  from HTCs hard to move for sharp sounding best Pro-Selfie lets off shoot. The apparatus has an ultra-pixel front camera with autofocus support. The Desire 826 can be easily used with a selfie stick to take group selfies Htc Desire 826 does not have a front camera with higher MP but it has a curved camera glass to change light which has the bigger bit of picture to take up more light and take clear lets offshoots. Htc claims that the front camera can take 300% more light and is very working well to take good images in not natural light and low light surroundings.The back part camera is 13 MP and has autofocus HDR+ and dual led come suddenly to light for sharp sounding good low light images. The Htc Desire 826 has Full HD viewing with 1920*1080 decision.

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